Monday, December 9, 2013

Tip Tuesday- Hanging Ornaments with Paper Clips

My boys both have trees in their bedrooms and I decided to get one for little girl this year.  I know I am starting her early!  I went with the cutest little pink tree and got a small box of ornaments.  I went to hang the ornaments and realized the hooks were in the ornament box up in the attic.  So I had two choices....wait for my hubby to come home and get them or improvise.  Of course I improvised!

Supplies Needed:  Mini Paper Clips

I have an over abundance of paper clips for some reason -they must have been on special at back-to-school time.  I took a bunch of pretty colored ones and all I did was unwind them into an S shape.

Then you hook them onto the ornaments.

After hooking the ornaments with the paper clips, hang them on your tree!  Super easy and inexpensive! 

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