Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Water Wednesday

Welcome to the first Water Wednesday!  Every Wednesday throughout the summer I will post a game or learning activity you can do with the kids in the yard or in the pool to stay cool. 

We live in Orlando so it always seems to be hot here. My kids are like fish and would live in the pool if I let them.  They have these squirt guns called Max Liquidators (thanks to the boys Nana) for the pool.

They always seem to be trying to squirt me or the cats or each other which causes trouble.  So I came up with an about squirting at targets!!  The supplies needed are easy and inexpensive- right up my alley.  

First I printed off some pictures from the web of Batman Villains since my little guy is obsessed with Batman.  You can print as many images as you want and you could do any theme you wanted. 

Then I ran the images through my laminator but you could also put them between two pieces of contact paper or even seal them in plastic bags.  I trimmed my shapes down but you don't have to. 

Next tape the images around your pool area.  I used painters tape because it holds well and doesn't leave a residue when removed.   For extra exercise you could post them around the yard and have the kids run around to different images squirting at them.

Then just aim and squirt and have fun!!!  (And yes eventually the boys start squirting each other again!)     I hope you enjoy this fun game and check back for more Water Wednesday ideas!!!