Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water Wednesday - Sink or Float

Thanks for coming back for another Water Wednesday!  

We have had a busy crazy week already and Wednesday snuck up on me.  We had been swimming everyday but I hadn't decided on a post for today.  My little guy actually came up with today's post by himself!    We did a sink or float experiment.   You could do this in the pool or a water table or a kiddie pool. 

First, my little guy ran around collecting items from around the house to test whether they sank or float.  We had everything from a rock, to plastic buckets, to pretend food, to dive toys.  And of course he had to add in some superheroes and villains.  Then, we just took items and before throwing them into the pool tried to guess whether they would sink or float.  Then, my little guy tossed the items in and was excited when he had guessed right. 

The best part was when the items sank - my little guy then would dive under the water to get them. 

 He had so much fun he kept running around trying to find more things to test!