Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Wednesday - Water Balloon Word Toss

Welcome to Water Wednesday!  

Thanks for coming back for another Water Wednesday!  Today we did an easy and fun word game with water balloons.   All you need are two things - water balloons and chalk.

If your kids are impatient like mine is you will want to make your water balloons ahead of time.  We bought a water balloon pump from a local store that came with water balloons.  It worked, but was slow going and gave my arm a workout.   After filling the water balloons we went outside and with the chalk I wrote sight words on the driveway.   You could also put the names of colors, letter, numbers, shapes, or whatever words you would like your child to work on. 

And of course we had to add a few names of heroes and villains from Batman.  Have your child take a water balloon and as you call out a word, have them toss the balloon at the word.   A word of advice, if your driveway slopes have them stand at the end of the driveway and toss the balloons up or else you will be chasing them down the driveway like I did.   For every sight word my little guy got correct I then called out a name from Batman and let him throw a balloon at that name. 

This was our first time throwing water balloons and once he got the hang of how hard to throw them to make them break he had a great time - and I snuck in some learning at the same time!