Friday, September 6, 2013

Crafty Friday - Baby Room Door Decor

When decorating my daughter's room I wanted something besides a wreath for her door.  I got my inspiration for this project from pinterest.  (I can't find the original link - sorry)   Here is my take on an initial wall/door décor.

Supplies Needed:
Wooden Letter (I used a 40% off coupon at local craft store)
Paint                                                     Foam Brush for paint
Scrapbook paper                                  Square Punch
Picture Hanger                                     Vinyl/Scrapbook Letters

First I attached a picture hanging hook to the back of the plain letter K.   I plan on hanging it on the door with just a command hook since it is lightweight.  It is important to do this step first so you do not ruin your paint job trying to attach it later.

Then I put a few coats of pink paint of the letter K front and sides. Allow each coat to dry completely before doing another coat.

While the paint was drying I took 2 coordinating scrapbook papers and punched out 2 different sized squares with my square punch.  I used a gray and pink to match her room.  I punched out 8 squares of each color - one for each letter of her name.  If you don't have a punch you could use a cutting machine or do it by hand.  The squares are 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" wide.

Next, attach the squares together with either double stick tape or glue. 

I had originally planned on cutting out the letters of her name with gray vinyl but thought it was a little bland.  So instead I used some glitter (of course) scrapbook letters.  I placed one letter of her name on each of the stacked squares.

Once all the letters were placed on the squares I glued them down the side of the painted letter K.  Her name is long so it was a tight fit.

I decided that the right side of the letter looked a little dull.  So I took some coordinating pink elephant ribbon and plain pink ribbon and attached with double stick tape and glue dots.

And that is it....all done!!   I think it looks perfect on her bedroom door!  More baby nursery décor to come!!