Friday, June 7, 2013

Crafty Friday - Father's Day Frame

Welcome to the first Crafty Friday!!!

Today's craft is an easy one you can do with the kids for Father's Day.  It is a Father's Day Picture Frame. 

  Supplies Needed:
  Wood Frame (I got mine in the $1 section at Michael's)
   Wood Letters
   Foam Sponge Brushes
   Glue Gun or Wood Glue
    Picture for the frame

First we painted our wood frame in blue (for Batman since my little one is obsessed with Batman) using a foam sponge brush.  I use these all the time because they are cheap and I can just throw them out and not have to wash them.   The wood frame soaks up the paint so we had to do 3 coats.  Allow to dry in between coats.   We also painted the back and the stick included for making the frame stand. 

You could also choose to put scrapbook paper on the frame using mod podge or spray adhesive.

In between coats we painted the wood letters in a white paint. (and played Hi Ho Cheerio)  We chose to spell out the word "DAD".   You could spell out Family or Father or leave off the wood letters altogether.  Whatever your kids choose.  The letters only took two coats. 

Next I glued the letters onto the frame using my hot glue gun. PLEASE do not allow the children to do this step as glue guns are hot and dangerous.  You could also use wood glue to adhere the letters onto the frame.

At this point your kids could add stickers, gems, glitter, feathers, whatever do-dads you have in your craft box.  My little guy just wanted it plain because as he said "Daddy isn't fancy schmancy." He is too funny!!!

Finally we printed a picture of him from the computer.  I just printed it onto plain copy paper because once inside the frame it looked just as good as photo paper.   

And there you have a personalized Father's Day gift!