Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Bowling

Halloween is only a day away and my little guy has been so excited for it!  He was bouncing off the walls today so we did some Halloween Bowling! 

Supplies Needed:
White Cups
Sharpie or Crayon
Balls or Beanbags

This was so easy and fast!  I took 10 white paper cups I had leftover from a party and drew eyes and mouths on them with a black sharpie.  Then we lined them up and rolled some plastic wiffle balls at them. 

Then my little guy had me stack them into different "castles" for him to knock over.

My little guy played this game with me and by himself for over an hour and then we played again when his Daddy got home.  This game is a keeper!   

Halloween Decor

Happy Halloween! 

Since having my little girl I have been very behind on craft tutorials!  I didn't get around to any for Halloween but wanted to share my decorations with you!  Enjoy! 

This is my front entryway. 

These are some letters I have on the table to the right in my entryway.  They were super easy to make.  I bought the paper mache letters from the local craft store and painted them black.  Then I spray adhesive some scrapbook paper to the fronts and added some dimensional do-dads.  Easy, cheap, and fast! 

This is the banner I have hanging over the entryway table.  It was made from brown paper bags for the base and scrapbook papers.  So easy and my favorite banner!

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Little Girl

Just wanted to let everyone know what has been keeping me busy and away from my blog!  Thanks for staying with me and I will be back on a regular schedule shortly!

Tip Tuesday - Making Holidays Special

We LOVE holidays at our house!  I try to do little things to make the holidays special for the kids without spending a lot of money.  It is super easy to do and fun and the kids look forward to them every year! 

One thing I always do is make breakfast special.  Sometimes I color their pancakes with food coloring and always cut them into shapes with cookie cutters.
This weekend I made cinnamon rolls (yes from Pillsbury not scratch) and to make them "Halloween" I sprinkled Halloween themed sprinkles, confetti, and sugar on them.  My little guy thought they were cool.  You could also color the frosting orange with food coloring. 

Another thing I do is at dinner I color their milk with food coloring.  Last night they had orange milk, in a Halloween cup of course! 

I also cut their sandwiches into shapes with holiday themed cookie cutters!  It makes my little guy eat more of them!

Another fun thing for Halloween is making hot dogs into mummy dogs...easy and fun!

To me it is the little things you do to make the holidays memorable and special that mean the most and it doesn't take a lot of money!