Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water Wednesday - Frozen Toys

Welcome to Water Wednesday!!

Today is an activity we have done a few times and my son adores - free the toys from the ice blocks!!   All you need are some of your child's plastic toys, plastic containers, and water.

Since my son loves Superheroes, I took a few of the heroes and placed them in plastic containers.   You could use animals, dinosaurs, bugs - anything that is all plastic - no fabric or hair ! Then you fill the containers with water until the toys are covered.  Then, place the containers in the freezer - we froze them overnight.

The next day, I popped them out of the containers and placed them in our empty water table.  You could place them on a deck, the ground, a plastic pool, wherever you want the mess to be contained.   Then I filled a larger bucket with water for him to fill his squirt gun and containers with. We used our Max Liquidator Water Sprayers to spray water at the frozen blocks of ice. 

You could use measuring cups, buckets, measuring spoons - whatever your kids can fill with water. After a while my little guy switched to a plastic watering can and bucket to free his guys quicker.  You can also freeze two containers of plastic toys like we did and have a race to see who can free their toys first.  My little Batman even made up a story to tell me as he was freeing them.  It involved Mr. Freeze and Batman of course!!!   After a while of getting the toys and himself wet they were free!

It is a fun activity for a hot day and best of all, it doesn't cost anything!!