Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Pool Noodle Bumpers

My son plays superheroes and runs around my house like he is flying and chasing bad guys.  Let's just say he has my coordination skills and that - coupled with not paying attention to where he runs - has led to some accidents with the kitchen counters.  I wanted to protect him but didn't want to pay for bumpers from a store.  To the rescue - pool noodles! 

This is the edge my little Batman has hit his face on many times.  I took a piece of pool noodle and with a serrated knife cut it to the length I needed. 

Then I took and sliced it lengthwise down the whole piece and spread it apart.

Finally, I just slid it over the edge of the counter.  It keeps his little face safe and can be removed easily and only cost $1.00.   You could use these on window sills, coffee table edges, and fireplaces to keep new crawlers and walkers safe too!