Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crafty Friday - Beach Wreath

Welcome Back for another Crafty Friday!  Today I am going to show you how I made a beach themed wreath for the alcove in my entryway for the summer.

Supplies Needed:
 12" Grapevine Wreath Form (40% off at local craft store with coupon)
Bag of Seashells (40% off at local craft store with coupon)
Hot Glue Gun

First, take out your shells and decide on your placement.  That is the hardest part of this.  I decided to do the bottom and go about halfway up and tried to make it three dimensional.  Then, just take your shells and hot glue them individually to the wreath. 

 After applying the glue to each shell I held them in place for a few minutes to help secure the bond.

I used about 3/4 of a bag of shells (original price before coupon was only $3.99)  I tried to get a bag that had lots of different shapes and colors to make it more interesting.  After, I was done applying the shells, I made a simple bow out of white ribbon that I had leftover from another project and hot glued it to the top of the wreath.

I didn't need to make a hanger because the vines made a natural "hook" for me to hang on the nail in my alcove.  If you needed a hook you could make one out of floral wire and loop through the back vines. Finally, hang on your hook. 

I think it adds a nice touch to my front alcove.  Luckily, my house has a tropical palm tree theme to it all year round so I didn't need many "summer" additions.  (And yes, my "HOME" letters are missing an "O" - it is in the process of being painted)  Hope you enjoyed today's Crafty Friday!

Water Wednesday - Pool noodle Sight Words

Welcome to another Water Wednesday!  Today's idea I found "floating" around on pinterest and decided to give it a try. 

Supplies Needed:
 Pool Noodle
 Sharp Knife

First, I took my pool noodle and cut it in pieces.  I made them about 1" thick.  The pool noodle cut very easily with a sharp knife.  I only used half the pool noodle and came up with 16 pieces. Then, take the sharpie and write sight words on each piece.  On some I wrote opposites that we are working on.  You could also write color words, numbers, letters of the alphabet, rhyming words, or any spelling words you might be working on learning. 

Then, since my little guy begged, on the opposite side of the pieces I wrote the names of Superheroes and Villains to make double use of the pieces. 

After allowing the sharpie to dry for a bit I placed the pieces in a bowl and brought them out to the pool.  We did this activity in the pool but you could easily do it in a water table, kiddie pool, or large bucket.  I went over all the words with my little guy before throwing the pieces in the pool.  Then, I threw the pieces in the pool.

Then, I sent my little guy after the pieces.  We did it two different ways.  One, I called out words and he had to go and search for the pieces and bring them back to me.  The other way he just swam to pieces and picked up the pieces and brought them back to me.  And then when he brought them back he had to read the word to me.

He had a great time going after the pieces and reading them.  And after he had done the "school" side as he called it, he got to find the Superheroes and the Villains. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!