Friday, July 19, 2013

Crafty Friday - Summer Banner

My entryway needed a Summer banner to fill the big white space after the 4th of July decorations were taken down.  I was torn as to what shape or style to do.  I decided to do palm trees to match the overall theme of my house. 

Supplies Needed:
 Green and Brown Cardstock
 Black Vinyl
 Double Stick Tape
 Mini Clothespins

First, I downloaded a palm tree pattern on my Silhouette machine, but you could also hand draw a stencil or Google a printable palm tree pattern to print and use.   I ungrouped the pattern and cut out separately 6 tops and bottoms of the trees.  I made the tops a shade of green and the bottoms a dark brown.

Next, I used some double stick tape to attach the palm tops to the trunks. 

I printed out the letters to spell "SUMMER" in black vinyl . I used my Silhouette machine, but you could free hand them or use scrapbooking letters from your local craft store.  I put one letter on each of the palm tree leaves. 

Finally, I attached my palm trees to my hanging ribbon in the entryway using mini clothespins.

I love how it brightened up the blank wall for the rest of the season! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! Was torn between palm trees and flip flops!

  2. Since I live in Florida I'm partial to palm it!


    1. Me too! My boys bathroom is all palm trees and most of my living room and kitchen--makes me feel happy to have summer all year!