Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Candle Decoration

I love to decorate for all the holidays and I love candles but it can get expensive to buy colors and scents for all the holidays and places I put candles.  So whenever I find a good deal on plain white CHEAP candles I stock up. 

But, as you can see, it looks boring.  So what I do is take a strip of ribbon that coordinates in color and/or theme and dress them up.   Cut the ribbon a little bit longer than it would take to wrap around the candle.  Then I take some double stick tape and use that to hold the ribbon to the candle.  I ONLY do this on candles that I DO NOT  BURN.  If you are going to burn the candles please remove the ribbons before burning.  

This is an easy way to dress up plain candles and add some holiday sparkle!

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