Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Curtain Tie Backs

I love decorating and changing things out a lot and am always looking for economical ways to change things up.  Here is a quick and easy tip for curtain tiebacks.  When looking for curtain tiebacks and holders I couldn't believe how expensive they were!  I have this sheer curtain in my toilet room and wanted to hold it back.

The walls in there are purple so I grabbed some scrap ribbon that had a white background and purple swirls on it and a thumbtack.  I took the ribbon and loosely wrapped it around the curtain and tacked it to the wall right under the windowsill with the thumbtack.  And whenever I want to change the décor I can just change the ribbon.   And at Christmas I put a purple and silver glittery ribbon around the curtain to add some sparkle.  If your curtains are heavier you can still use ribbon but tack it to the wall with a small nail.  

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